Some very rough translations of Fushigi na Shounen (不思議な少年) by Yamashita Kazumi (山下和美)

Chapter 1 Bansaku and Yuujirou
Chapter 2 Charlotte and Emily
Chapter 3 Torakichi the Fox Eyed
Chapter 4 Tetsuo
Chapter 5 Socrates
Chapter 6 Tamara and Domitri

[Scanlated by SCX-scanlations]
Chapter17 Husband: Kyouhei, Wife: Ruriko
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6:45 PM
Apr 25, 2010

Female Minstrel Attempt.
Looks wierd because I couldn't do the legs so I just attached sniper legs.

Male Gypsy was just for lulz.


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10:05 AM
Apr 18, 2010