Saiunkoku Monogatari Curtain Call was a special 80 page set for people who collected 80 points from Beans. (I'm not sure what this is but I'm assuming it's for people who purchased 80 points worth of other novels)

The first story is "Hana no Ato" which is a story about giving flowers and spending time with a special someone. It's a story with the former Kokurou, aka Ouki's big sister (aka Tsuyuri) , Ouki, Riou, and Ryouou. It also explains the origins of Ryuuki's otedama (bean juggling bag).

On the way home from a special event, Ouki, Riou, and Ryouou find a tree that has buds for the first time in 50 years. There is a saying about that tree and the story is about going back in time and learning about the former Kokurou and her relationship with Ouki with whom she was enemies for most of her life. the main characters are Ouki and Tsuyuri but the story also features Riou, Ryouou, Shouka, Jyuusan Hime, Ryuuki, Jin, Shuuei, Kouyou, Sera, Shuurei, and Ensei.

It explains why Ouki didn't know Shouka was Kokurou and shows a potential romance for Kouyuu and Sera Hime (Kurou's low teen daughter) Sera Hime has liked Kouyuu for a long time. (I believe she's 13-14 while Kouyuu is 25-26)

The 2nd story is "Ikeru Yuuhi, Noroi no Kanoke wo Hashirasu"
This one was a complete comedy with almost the entire cast. It's a story about everyone being drawn into the huge event of Reishin promising on meeting Shuurei.

Anju makes a bet about it with Yuushun and Kouki and the entire government is drawn into this intense battle. Anju bets that Reishin will meet Shuurei and bets on a one day kingship (Yuushun promises to lock Ryuuki away himself) Yuushun bets that Reishin will not meet Shuurei and Anju will listen whatever Yuuhi wants. So the people who want to help Reishin can't help him because they do not want Anju to be a 1 day king.

Reishin sets a date with Shuurei at a Dango shop (the same one where Yuri and Kou Kijin met) but the dango stores are closed using the might of various families.
Reishin is basically thwarted everyway he goes at which point his former subbordinates come and help. He's then stuffed into a casket by someone else. Seiga is freaked out when he comes to do something. and finally when he's about to meet Shuurei, Yuushun comes and asks him out to dinner which Reishin can't say no to.

Pretty much everyone shows up except for the people in Brown Providence.

PS Reishin doesn't meet Shuurei. Anju wins though because Shuurei meets Kurou
PPS One day Kingship sucks for Anju who is forced to work hard while Ryuuki takes a break in the closet.

Translated from this this this and this
I really really want to read these :(

PS apparently there will be no more Gaidens. I hope this isn't true and she writes another 2-3 stories and releases Curtain Call as a Bunko. Preferably with a short and sweet romantic story with Shuurei and Ryuuki when Shuurei finally gives in to him. The ending of 18 had a short and sweet romantic part but knowing now that Shuurei's life ends so short, I kinda want something where Ryuuki finally truely wins Shuurei. Could also just take the short novels from the DVDs once the DVDs stop selling well enough and just add it to a bunko.

PS: I keep mistaking the names of Yuushun and Ouki, I think I caught them all but Any Yuuhi is Yuushun and any Ouri is Ouki


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Dec 3, 2011