My weekly softcore porn series is back and it's fun as the first season.

I'm a huge fan of the 2 leads Lucy Lawless and John Hannah who make this show amazingly fun to watch. I actually hate the blood and gore parts and the excessive sex parts but watching Lucy Lawless being (I don't know what to call that character other than) a conniving (lesbian) bitch and John Hannah being so utterly assholish makes this show so much fun to watch. This season Lucretia gets an even bigger bitch to have lesbian relationships with. The fact that it's Lila from Dexter season 2 makes it so sweet as I literally just ran through Dexter eps til the end of season 2 last week. The character may not actually be a bitch but I just have this image of crazy bitch in my mind from Dexter and Sparticus has so far not had many "nice" people from the ruling class.

I heard that the original actor for Sparticus has cancer and that's the reason for this show but I'm honestly happy they did it because my favorite characters Lucretia and Bartiatus are dead at the end of season 1 of Blood and Sand and I'm not quiet sure how interesting war will be and the eventual death of Oenomaus (who dies early on and Crixus will feel as well as how the original bitch of Blood and Sand Ilithyia will come in to play. (With twisted luck she'll be pregnant by Sparticus and make me laugh so hard)

This guy I think is supposed to become the first champion of Capua. The fact that he's not Crixus tells me that Crixus will show up around episode 4 and kill him at episode 6. RIP Gannicus, your death is inevitable, but until then I'll oogle your 6 pack.

PS Apparently he's a general in the Sparticus uprising. It'll be interesting to see Oenomaus and him work out their differences.


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Jan 22, 2011
Medium was one of those TV shows that I don't know anyone who watched other than myself, but come Fridays I found myself watching parts and bits of it and throughout the years I came to love watching the family grow. So watching the finale after 7 years was expected but bittersweet. This wasn't a show that I watched religiously every week but more of a comfort food show I dropped by on maybe once or twice every month. Seeing it gone is bittersweet but shows can't go on forever.

The finale was horrible and well expectantly so.
I knew they were going to kill off Joe or Alison when the producer said he was going to burn down everything and close the story completely. What I didn't expect was the sadness that came when Joe dying so early on in the remainder of Alison's life. The hope of Joe being alive in Mexico which turned out false made me sad even though I knew it was gonna happen. That stuff only happens as Joe put it, only in dreams. Even so a part of me wanted it to be true or false much like Alison's death in last season's finale (which was wonderful as well)

The end result of Alison living her life to the fullest and being rewarded for it with Joe waiting was, however, satisfying especially because Alison and Joe's marriage was one I look at with envy. In the world of divorces, affairs, and abusive relationships, their marriage was full of ups and downs but in the end you knew that they loved each other dearly and probably would have become one of those grandpa grandma couples you see on cruises dancing away for their 60th anniversary.

Medium was a silly story but it did family better than any other series I've watched.
I'll miss it and I hope the best of luck to the fabulous cast of that series.


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