Completion time: 76 minutes
Recommended class(es): Assassin/Ninja with Wood Rush
Soloable: Yes
EXP, Drops, and Gold analysis

Overview: This is almost identical to the Four-Tower Build, except with one extra tower and slightly lower-level Freeze towers.

Wood rush (or shortened as Log) will completely stop monsters in their tracks if they are in range of a Freeze tower level 5 or greater. So to take advantage of this, a second freeze tower is placed. Level 5 is efficient enough for the Log effect to work, but higher level towers will target more monsters.

A down-side to this build is that Log will freeze the monsters fairly spread out, which takes longer for the Gaias to knock them out, but you will have plenty of TP to continue buffing them for as long as you need.

Hit the jump for detailed tactics.


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May 9, 2011