Completion time: 70 minutes
Recommended class(es): Warrior with level 5-10 Stun Hammer/Stumblebum, Wizard
Soloable: Yes

Overview: This is a very relaxing build, as the build only needs four towers in all; you can set up your main offense very quickly, leaving you to do whatever you want while you wait (be it AFK, or just mess around with the extra TP). It's also a stress-free build in terms of TP; you will not have to worry about not having enough TP to keep buffing your towers.

This build is also really good for collecting gold and drops, as all monsters will be killed in concentrated areas.

This build does not work very well with ninjas because their Wood Rush skill won't stop much with only one Freeze tower. A slightly modified version of this build works much better for ninjas (demo'd here).

Hit the jump for detailed tactics.


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wrote at
9:58 PM
Apr 29, 2011
It is renewed for a 2nd season yes!

To be absolutely honest, I haven't read the books. I have them but I never got around to reading them. I'm now fighting the burning burning urge to go gorge them all up based on the 1st episode of the HBO tv series. (Is there a way to get HBO Go without a cable provider? )

Sean Bean was kinda there kinda not in regards to my interest. He has a lot of kids and is turning into a hot old man king character. The 5 people who really stole my interest in the premiere were the Queen/her Brother, the blond prince/princess, the Queen's dwarf brother.

The princess probably has a long journey to make to becoming a stronger woman. I look forward to seeing her take that journey. Preferably, she'll knock her douchebag brother down on her way. The Queen seems rather sterotypical but I enjoy characters like hers.

The actor who played the dwarf brother just simply stole every scene he was in. He was funny and sinister at the same time.
Waiting for next week.


wrote at
7:12 PM
Apr 19, 2011
Rokko - Level 52-53 Priest, Level 54 Assassin
Total Time  71 Minutes
EXP Gain =  60.03% [House Buff, Channel, 2x Serverwide EXP, 40% EXP Pot]
Gold Gain =  44.6377 Gold
Soul Gain = 176
Armor Enchant Dust 120
Weapon Enchant Dust 35
2x10 Gaia, 2x8 Freezing, 1x8 Gaia
Time 01-10  8 minutes [4.57%,  0.6958 Gold]
Time 11-20  10 minutes [9.31%, 3.6464 Gold]
Time 21-30  10 minutes [10.67%,  5.9829 Gold] 
Time 31-40  13 minutes [13.67%,  11.9686 Gold]
Time 41-48  30 minutes [21.74%,  22.3335 Gold]

Fast and Loots were compact. This build works well with Log and an assassin.

2nd run with Lightning instead of the level 8 Gaia came out much faster, checking times against exp rates. House buff was active until round 50
2x10 Gaia 1x7 Freezing 8x10 Lightning
45-46 2 minutes [2.34%]
46-47 2 minutes [2.14%]
47-48 3 minutes [2.36%]
48-49 3 minutes [2.20%]
49-50 5 minutes [1.88%] (House buff wore off sometime here.)

Thoughts: When house buff runs out just leave, time is better spent rebuilding for the next run once house buffs disappear. In this build it generally goes to level 49-50 with house buffs.

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wrote at
1:56 PM
Apr 13, 2011
Congrats to Dick Wolf for managing to revamp the series back to it's origins.

It's not great as in Sam Waterston, Jerry Orbach, and Jesse L. Martin; but it's better than the disaster that was the first 8 episodes. The series is now actually about the crime rather than about LA. To be honest, LA is not the same as the character that was NYC and it never will be. While NYC was a character in the original L&O, I don't think LA needs to be a character for L&OLA as much as it was for L&O.

First episode from last night, killing off Skeet Ulrich. This felt like a bad idea, but it opened the way for Alfred Molina, who I think was much more interesting as a detective. I wish Corey Stoll and Skeet Ulrich's character could be added and divided by 2 because I love Corey Stoll but Skeet Ulrich was the more interesting of the detectives. I will miss seeing his wife. Much like seeing Elliot Stabler's family, it adds more of a human touch to the detectives. The rest of the people who were lost I really won't miss considering I can't even remember who they are.

One thing that was great was seeing Alana de la Garza back. Now they need to get rid of Terrence Howard and get Linus Roache back (or someone better than Terrence Howard). While I would love seeing Sam Waterston as well, I feel that he should remain in NYC much like S. Epatha Merkerson and the older L&O people. I would want Linus Roache's character to remain in NYC too but I just loved the Law side of L&O throughout the ending of the mothership that if they could get him to come or better yet revive L&O somehow....

I liked the majority of the 2nd episode last night. The guest star was fabulous. He's the FBI agent from White Collar, Christopher Misiano. It was amazing seeing his gut-wrenching acting as a survivor of a family killing. Especially, because he seems so natural cop in White Collar. I felt there were a bit too many twists and turns but in the end, it was nice seeing Alfred Molina interrogate and law prevail. The thing I like about L&O is that the cops don't always win like most other procedurals. That makes the wins and the losses seem that much more rewarding. I did however want to know more about the criminal in this case because it was an interesting leap from a decorated FBI agent to a rapist and murderer.

I checked TV by the numbers and it appears LOLA has stumbled. I really hope it's because the east coast was hot on Monday because I think LOLA deserves a 2nd look from fans of L&O. If they can keep up and improve upon it more, it's a wonderful show.

PS: Bring back Corey Stoll's moustache.


wrote at
11:13 AM
Apr 12, 2011
Rokko - Level 51 Priest
Total Time 61 Minutes
EXP Gain =  36.2% [House Buff, Resting EXP, Channel, 2x Serverwide EXP]
Gold Gain = 57.5719 Gold
Soul Gain = 189
Armor Enchant Dust 184
Weapon Enchant Dust 70

Time 01-10  13 minutes [3.94%, 0.637 Gold]
Time 11-20  9 minutes [6.76%, 4.5125 Gold]
Time 21-30  9 minutes [8.35%, 14.6883 Gold] *
Time 31-40  13 minutes [8.31%, 15.7522 Gold]*
Time 41-48  17 minutes [8.84%, 22.0219 Gold]

* I missed the 30 round and recorded at the beginning of 32 so Gold/EXP is off.

- I only got to level 48 with this setup. I can't seem to figure out how to get to 50 with minimal freezing/stunning. Perhaps a hybrid between Gaia and Lightning would work? 48 is however pretty good for almost no freezing and stunning from my priest.
- Loot is scattered a lot more than in the Gaia runs so I lost a bunch of loot although, I did try hard to pick up all the dusts.

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wrote at
11:16 AM
Apr 11, 2011
Arka - Level 60 Sorcerer, Level 61 Overlord
Total Time 88 minutes
EXP Gain = 41.18% [House Buff, Resting EXP, Channel, 2x Serverwide EXP]
Gold Gain = 54.1637 Gold (Approx 108.3274 with 2 characters)
Soul Gain = 205
Armor Enchant Dust 97 (Approx 194 with 2 characters)
Weapon Enchant Dust 23 (Approx 46 with 2 characters)

Time 01-10 14 minutes [2.48%, 0.764 Gold]
Time 11-20 8/9 minutes [7.87% 3.5256 Gold]*
Time 21-30 10 minutes [6.13% 9.624 5Gold]*
Time 31-40 19 minutes [10.55% 15.178 Gold]
Time 41-50 36 minutes [13.82% 23.4253 Gold]

 *Approximate I was AFK for the round 20 mark I counted the beginning of round 23 as 20 and guesstimated the first 3 rounds of 20 were around a minute each.

- The Lower 3 towers were not doing much, however Tactical Point limitations lead to those numbers
- Gold was not picked up as religiously as in the case of Rokko F7. It is very possible that the gold count would be higher in this however because of how involving it was post round 40 picking up gold was simply too hard.
- If the last 10 rounds actually takes 36 minutes even with some optimization, it would be better to simply restart and do the first 30 levels again in the approximately same amount of time and sacrifice some Gold because the last 10 rounds are extremely involving for the player.

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wrote at
9:50 PM
Apr 9, 2011