What the Borgias lacks in super hot famous male lead (Jeremy Irons is no Jonathan Rhys Meyers) it definitely makes up with a gorgeous backplot and one of the most interesting families in history. I hope, this is a success and they can revert back to England and consider Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, or the Medicis, perhaps Louis the 14th, or Catherine 1 or 2.

First impressions is that Jeremy Irons was bored. The whole incest power hungry is there but not quite there. It's not as powerful as I expected it to be. I wanted some stronger acting for Cesare and stronger for Alexander VI. Both seemed weaker to their female counterparts who were not at all the strongest actresses.

Throughout the pilot what interested me the most was Lucretia, I know the basic plot of the rise and demise of the Borgias and Lucretia is one of the most interesting person in their history. Was she a normal girl abused by her brother and her father for politics? Or is she just as poisonous as the rest of her family. The Borgias appears to have taken the former rather than the later but the actress shows potential for a poisonous black widow as well.


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3:39 PM
Mar 31, 2011