Camelot is a new series that I watched this week.
I'm still rather mixed in feelings about this series because while it includes me love for legends, kings, wizards, and so forth. The 2 main characters are as far as the pilot are wooden to me.

I don't see anything new in the characters, I don't see any potential differences from the original roles in the legend and maybe that's exactly what they are going for, but to me that feels lacking.

I've read the books and I've watched other adaptions, so what I want is something that gives me a little something different. It'd be interesting to have a blond haired blue eyed angelic looking Morgana instead of the always dark evil queen image Morgana.

The other Arthurian TV show I watch, Merlin may have a tiny tiny budget compared to this and the main characters may not be the most attractive people (oh Merlin and Gwen) but the characters just feel so much more alive. Maybe I'm being too harsh after viewing just one episode and I'm sure the characters will flesh out more but the pilot leaves me wondering if it's going to be worth it to watch another episode. (which I probably will. I generally watch at least 2-3 episodes to see the direction a show is going before dropping it)

There's about 2-3 scenes that make the series worth it. Eva Green telling King Lot to "say my name" in bed which was honestly hot and pulling the Sword of Mars out of the stone.


wrote at
7:04 PM
Mar 6, 2011