Congrats to Dick Wolf for managing to revamp the series back to it's origins.

It's not great as in Sam Waterston, Jerry Orbach, and Jesse L. Martin; but it's better than the disaster that was the first 8 episodes. The series is now actually about the crime rather than about LA. To be honest, LA is not the same as the character that was NYC and it never will be. While NYC was a character in the original L&O, I don't think LA needs to be a character for L&OLA as much as it was for L&O.

First episode from last night, killing off Skeet Ulrich. This felt like a bad idea, but it opened the way for Alfred Molina, who I think was much more interesting as a detective. I wish Corey Stoll and Skeet Ulrich's character could be added and divided by 2 because I love Corey Stoll but Skeet Ulrich was the more interesting of the detectives. I will miss seeing his wife. Much like seeing Elliot Stabler's family, it adds more of a human touch to the detectives. The rest of the people who were lost I really won't miss considering I can't even remember who they are.

One thing that was great was seeing Alana de la Garza back. Now they need to get rid of Terrence Howard and get Linus Roache back (or someone better than Terrence Howard). While I would love seeing Sam Waterston as well, I feel that he should remain in NYC much like S. Epatha Merkerson and the older L&O people. I would want Linus Roache's character to remain in NYC too but I just loved the Law side of L&O throughout the ending of the mothership that if they could get him to come or better yet revive L&O somehow....

I liked the majority of the 2nd episode last night. The guest star was fabulous. He's the FBI agent from White Collar, Christopher Misiano. It was amazing seeing his gut-wrenching acting as a survivor of a family killing. Especially, because he seems so natural cop in White Collar. I felt there were a bit too many twists and turns but in the end, it was nice seeing Alfred Molina interrogate and law prevail. The thing I like about L&O is that the cops don't always win like most other procedurals. That makes the wins and the losses seem that much more rewarding. I did however want to know more about the criminal in this case because it was an interesting leap from a decorated FBI agent to a rapist and murderer.

I checked TV by the numbers and it appears LOLA has stumbled. I really hope it's because the east coast was hot on Monday because I think LOLA deserves a 2nd look from fans of L&O. If they can keep up and improve upon it more, it's a wonderful show.

PS: Bring back Corey Stoll's moustache.


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11:13 AM
Apr 12, 2011