Oswald for Prez?
I've been catching up with Torchwood: Miracle Day and I'm sad to say that it's somewhat of a disappointment. The premise is interesting; people cease to die, but I feel that the series could do what it's doing so far in 2 episodes rather than 5.  I'm starting to think that what I liked so much about of Children of Earth was precisely because of the budget. By condensing the series the way they did, they made each moment have that much more impact.

More of her less Esther
I really like Russel T Davies stories (I miss them on Dr Who) but I also think that Torchwood would have benefited from less fillers, less filler characters, and less filler material. Oswald needs to have more interesting moments or cease to appear as much.

 In my mind, his moments would be the execution, running from fear of the mob to the police, talking on the TV, Jack and Oswald. Any other moments really aren't interesting with him, including the screencap I have here even tho it was a Jack and Oswald moment the first was enough.

Jack Jack Jack I miss Ianto.
Esther needs to go. She's boring and she brings nothing to the table, her role can be filled by Gwen or any other girl and it can be filled better. At best she'll serve as a "whistle blower" like the girl in season 3.

More Jack and Gwen. Rex is just not interesting compared to Gwen or Jack.. I understand his importance and that he's needed for the series but he's starting to annoy me. I want to see more of Jack and the effects on him killing Ianto and his grandson in Children of Earth

Less moving around. I do not see the point of moving back and forth from Cardiff to California. If the American public can't appreciate Cardiff then move to California and stay there and if UK can't appreciate California then tough because Starz is a US cable network which is probably funding a large part of Torchwood.


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Aug 6, 2011