Currently, this is my favorite show of the year based purely on it's pilot.
Awake is about a man who is stuck between 2 realities; one where his wife died and one where his son died.
Little things differ between the realities and those little differences make the whole difference.

If the writers can play this storyline up in between the various cases, this will be my favorite new procedural with  Person of Interest and Alcatraz.

I'm worried that it will be considered too dark of a story that it won't get a full run. I really sincerely hope it gets a full run and a good audience because, I felt the despair of the main actor and his hope so beautiful.

Essentially, the series is about choosing between 2 people you loved and 2 alternate realities.

I hope this is successful. While I cannot see this continuing more than 2-3 seasons,  1 to dwell on the realities and uncover what happened, 1-2 to try to unite the two realities or to kill off one, it could have an amazing 2-3 seasons. (Please do not bring some new romance in the alternative world or somekinda bullshit)

I really hope they work on the main character more than Person of Interest.

While this series is a procedural, I feel the procedural part should be more filler and the main part should be about the detective. The most interesting parts in Person of Interest is learning about Michael Emerson, and I suspect that Awake is going to be the same. Based purely on the pilot, it was the detective's psycological journey that made me interested in the story. The case was interesting but not that interesting. BD Wong was also really really nice to see again


wrote at
5:54 PM
Feb 18, 2012