Have a problem with Warpportal Game?

Here's a Guide to take you through the sometimes confusing world of Warpportal Support

Warpportal Support has a SEPARATE ID than your Warpportal account. This is because when you use Support it's because your Warpportal account can be blocked.

There are 2 Methods of Posting Tickets at Warpportal Support
  1. With a Support Account 
  2. Without a Support Account
If you want a response for your Ticket it is HIGHLY SUGGESTED that you create a Warpportal Support Account.


  • How long does it take them to respond. 
    • Wait 5-10 Business Days and then contact a CM via the Forums with your ticket number and how long it has taken for a response. Give said CMs time. I suggest you seek out whichever one is posting most frequently in stickied topics to ensure that they are active CMs.
  • How do I view a ticket I made without a Support Account? 
    • See Step 6
  • I want to report multiple issues 
    • Write everything related in a single Ticket in a Bullet Point manner so it is easy for the GMs to read. Try not to make multiple tickets. Multiple tickets clog up the system unnecessarily. 
      • Example 1: I was banned on XYZ account because I made multiple accounts. Make a single ticket list X, Y, and Z
      • Example 2: I am reporting ill mannered behavior KSing and I am reporting botting. Is the botting related to the KSing? Then make a single ticket. Is the botting and KSing not related? Make 2 tickets. 
  • What does Banned to "2014" (current year if I forget to update this ever again)  Mean? 
    • This means you were banned for ill-mannered behavior. Wait it out. odds are your ticket time would outweight the actual unbanning. 
  • What does Banned to "2020" mean? 
    • This is a temp ban waiting your response regarding the issue. This is often a general ban where you may have been flagged for suspicious activity. You need to do a ticket or it'll be a perm ban.
  • What does Banned to "2067" mean? 
    • This is a perm ban. Usually there is little to no hope against this ban. It means you were caught botting or some other very serious offense like loving a Maple as an Alpaca..

Step 1 :

Go to Warpportal.com and Click Support

Step 2 :

If you wish to do a ticket with a Support Account chose Register
If you wish to do a ticket WITHOUT a Support Account chose Submit Ticket
If you already have a Warpportal Support Account chose User Log-in

Step 3: 

I am assuming you know how to Register an account. 

Once you are logged in your screen will change slightly as below Click Submit Ticket.
Most people try the Support system when something bad has happened so odds are you want Account Suspension, Item Recovery, Steam Issues, or Payment Issues. 

Step 4: 

Post the Game and answer the questions. The below is an example of an Angry Alpaca and his illegal love for a Maple called Risotto

.As a general rule of thumb, explain in detail your situation, explain why Warpportal made a false ruling against you. Attach screenshots where necessary and submit the ticket. Do Not Rage. Be Calm, Explain everything that will help them make the correct decision.

Step 5:

What happened to my Ticket?
If you posted using a user account you can view your tickets as shown here. If not you need to make a Warpportal Support Account and then click View Tickets. You will have an extra task.

Step 6:

Link your ticket to your new Warpportal Support Account.
Include BOTH Email and Ticket Number to bring up your ticket and link it to your account.

Step 7:

Respond to Tickets by Clicking the Subject.
In general, you should get a response like this followed by a more detailed response later on

Timing depends on the issue.
You should respond to tickets in the same Ticket.
This allows Warpportal to see the entire history of a single issue in a single ticket and also makes sure they do not have duplicate tickets regarding the same issues.Making a new ticket does not make your issue be resolved faster. It actually makes it slower as they will be dealing with more tickets

Step 8:

Did you just dismiss Alfredo's Love for Risotto the Maple?
Did your ticket just Autoclose on you?
Go to the Top and Reopen the ticket regarding the issue.


Remember, Be polite. Don't Rage, Give GMs all the information you can. They want you to continue playing if it's an honest mistake... 

Want to know more about Alfredo and Risotto?
You can see more of him Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here
You can also see a Fabulous Art of him by KittyPriestess (DevianArt) and Phayns (DevianArt)

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