They aren't bad... but as with all of the other RO sprites they are too cluttered in my opinion.

I like that the bellybutton isn't showing but something didn't sit right.

so I pulled off some of the feathers but didn't pull them all off because they help differentiate between Scholar and Sorcerer and after fiddling around a bit, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't the feathers, it was the see-through bottom with the red things on it.

Edit: was thinking what was too cluttering for me for the male ones and it was that extra whiteness so I tried deleting it. It looks pretty bad but mostly because of my editting skills. Then I realized that if I put a cape on that, it'd be a pretty hot Warlock that looked like a mage class rather than a Gunslinger!

My conclusion of the 3rd class sprites is that I would have loved them a lot more if they were a bit more modest and had less panties, and spikes. (and in the case of Shadow Chasers, the females stood more like Rogues/Stalkers.


wrote at
12:59 AM
Sep 30, 2009