I've been cheating on RO... with an RO mini game.

Meet Lets make a High Priest Mini game (Japanese)

It's basically good old Princess Maker except you have daddy (The Forger) and Aco who wants to be a High Priest and defeat Thanatos and has to hunt to do that. In the middle she also meets a swordie who looks just like Daddy and she fights her way up to Thanatos.

English Patch (Ghetto Eng Patch that needs some more translating)
You might need to install Japanese to your Windows or set your computer to Japan. I don't know because I have it set up automatically to accept Japanese.

Aco Smash (Automatic skill)
Aco Crasher (Mouse wheel Up after/during Aco Smash)
Heal (Double click)
Warp (Click move mouse up)
Cure (Double rightclick)
Angelus (Rightclick drag Mouse up)
Kyrie Elesion (Make a Cross over the "Battle Window's borders going left -> Right -> top -> down
Storm (Hold Mouse wheel down. When the enemy is in Endure, you can use the skill about 2s after Kakarot has attacked.
Blessing (When HP is less than 60% make a clockwise circle from the left)


wrote at
9:25 PM
Oct 8, 2009