My friends told me how to bypass the Gateway for Dragon Saga!

I discovered that my problems with installing Dragon Saga were not because of the DDOS but rather gateway related issues.

Gateway itself is a cool looking program with little functionality, much like the WarpPortal payment system. It's another sign of ignoring the basics of business; never make it harder for your potential customers to touch your product. Hopefully, gravity will fix the issues that the Gateway has or add their own bypass to it.

1) Create a new txt file in your C:\Program Files\Gravity\Dragon Saga
This will differ according to where you installed to but that's the general address

2) Edit it with notepad with "start Patcher.exe Gravityus" (without the quotes, case sensitive)

3) Save the txt file with any name. I chose "GatewayBypasser.txt"

4) Change the extension to ".bat"
You can view extensions under Tools/Folder Options/View/ and uncheck Hide extensions for known file types

5) Run "GatewayBypasser.bat"

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wrote at
8:35 AM
Dec 4, 2010