I'm such a Science Fiction/Fantasy geek...

Merlin's season 3 ended today and it was good. Merlin has those horribly low budget effects but it's still a great series if you ignore it. In the end, it's the story that matters not the special effects.
Finally, they got past the Morgana is evil, but no one will believe she's evil phase and into everything else.

I really hope Merlin maintains an audience and goes up until Merlin's demise Preferably in a happier format where he goes willingly rather than be forced by Nimueh. They made that possible when they separated the Lady of the Lake and Nimueh. He could easily go willingly with his lady love at the end. Freya is the Lady of the Lake

That relatively positive ending would need at least another 2 seasons. One to deal with Morgana//Morgause and to let Mordred grow and another to do the Lancelot/Guinevere/Arthur and various other battles. I'm not sure I'd like to see a full on love triangle between the three of them although the series has hinted at the romance, this series is one that I want to always be happy which means no to trying to burn Guinevere for her affair.

Most of the features of the Arthurian Legend finally showed their face. The Round Table check! (It looks a bit small in my opinion but it's okay) Guinevere and Arthur love scene check! (The actress of Guinevere always seemed ugly to me, but she's slowly turned really attractive as the series has gone on. Morgana was always really beautiful and the acting/makeup has really worked well to turn her icy)

Yey! The Sword is in the Stone now


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Dec 5, 2010