WarpPortal was unfortunately one of the worst implemented ideas of iRO's management. It's a great idea for people who play multiple MMORPGs from gravity, but it's ignoring one of the fundamentals of all businesses. Never make it harder for customers to give you money.

Oh you have to wait a few hours for them to vertify your credit card as well. It says 24 hours but if it's a weekday it'll be much shorter.

The gist of the system is that you purchase WarpPortal Energy which is then converted to subscriptions or to Kafra points.

Start by going to WarpPortal Website.
The Login button is on the upper right corner and the Registration at the bottom of the login page.

Once you have logged in there will be 2 options of interest. PowerUp and Game Accounts.

  • If you are a new player or a very old player, you want to go to Game Accounts and register your game account or attach your game account to your WarpPortal account
  • If your accounts are attached to your WarpPortal account then you will just want go to Power Up

The PowerUp tab looks like this.
Here you can purchase WarpPortal Energy which can either be converted to Kafra Points/Subscriptions to any of the Gravity Games. You will see your total WarpPortal energy to the top left. Any ingame points next to your account name to the bottom left next to the account name.

For ingame Kafra points chose the account you want the points on under Game Accounts and select the amount you want to convert. Once it is converted you have to use it up on that account.

To pay for your subscription chose Premium Services and insert your desired play time

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Oct 23, 2010