damnit damnit damnit.

Spoilers ahead.

Caprica finale brought everything together so well and it was amazing but they needed that finale to have been season 1's finale (episode 9). The hints of season 2 made me want so much more but it's cancelled. FUCKING CANCELLED. It sucks that it turned out amazing once they got past of most of part 1.

(Heaven got destroyed by Zoe. All of Clarice's work destroyed by a teenage girl)

What I would have done different now that I rewatched the entire thing would be vastly making the storyline faster. While the explosion in the premiere and the explosion in the ending were well programmed it needed to be this good before this. So much before this..

(Little Adama, I'm going to miss Joseph, he was one hot Adama)

I'm glad they fixed the Adama problem from episode 17, nice to know he'll be a lot more younger in the first Cylon war than I thought. Time wise it was 16 years to the Cylon war and he was born after the death of William 1 so he'd be 15 by the time the Cylon war began and 18-19 a few years in. It sounds like we'll see a hot teen/ low 20s William in the Cylon war.

(99% sure that this was that other Zoe in V world who's gonna be badass, I guess Tamara would have been useful in that case but it would have been better if they had focused more on the basics. Greystones, Adama, Clarice, Zoe)

Also, it's nice to see that the origins of the monotheism of the cylons originates from Clarice rather than from that girl that was friends with Zoe. (To be honest, I would have cut a majority of her storyline and had her just pop up in the 2nd half of season 2)

(Zoe got a "humanoid body." I'm not sure, it felt like it kinda conflicted with BSG but then again in BSG, their bodies were able to reproduce so.)

I'm going to miss Caprica.

Next time, please please condense the plot so that people don't get bored. It's an amazing story, it just went too slow.

(This girl, the majority of her story was just filler. It would have been better to have been minimal and then bam this)

I would have started with the terrorism within the first 10 minutes of the premiere, I would have had Zoe escaping on the Cylon body by the end of episode 2-3, I would have had the Adama family drama, the Greystone takeover drama by 4-6 with Clarice trying to blow up everything by episode 9. Cut most of Tamara, she was useless. cut most of V world, it was only interesting in regards to Zoe finding her way out even if they had planned there to be 2 Zoe which is what it appears in the previews for the 2nd season.

I really hope the other prequel will be successful and that they can throw us some bones about what happened after Caprica.

(screencapped from a Canadian Internet TV stream)


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Dec 1, 2010