Filling my time gap left from the whole Gravity ISP sucks balls, I caught some of The Walking Dead.

If you like comic books and you like some good ole gore and zombies, you'll love this series. It is cliche but it's still pretty fun watching all the gore and guts.

The 28 days later
The main hero wakes up in a hospital that was overrun. My question is always why the fuck do the zombies leave that one comatose guy alone.

The Resident Evil Part 3?
One of the guys gets bitten or scratched or something and they have to abandon him. Also, a family member died and the remaining family had to shoot/pickaxe them. I always like those scenes but this show didn't build up on the leaving a guy behind thing too much. The woman crying for her sister was very good though as well as the beaten wife pickaxing her deadbeat husband.

The Prison Break (Teabag)
The racist douche bag who cuts off his hand to escape from danger... You know he's gonna come back over and over and I hope he can become somewhat as amazingly creepy as Teabag was. Teabag was just amazing as a character.

The I am Legend (Scientist)
The lone surviving scientist trying to save the world from his well fortified home.

Standard child who will not die because shows like this never kill off a 10 year old on screen.. although maybe off screen.


wrote at
8:35 PM
Nov 29, 2010