This episode was amazingly fun and christmasy
It's a pity that Eureka isn't back until next year but I really enjoyed this treat!

Spoilers ahead

The episode was told as a flashback to children who were upset that they were being snowed in.

The story begins with an unidentified flying object coming flying/crashing down into Eureka. Leave it to the guys at Eureka to scientifically create the things that make Santa so magical. The sled was created by someone who disappeared in the past few seasons but is still my favorite crazy man, Taggart!

Taggart decided to start the study of Santa; Santalogy. This sounded suspiciously similar to Scientology which made me chuckle a little, but it's just his accent. To do so he created a gun which shrinks and expands presents to solve the problem of carrying so many gifts on his sled

He even gave a gift to Jack, a holographic trio of carollers which were activated every time he said Christmas. Meanwhile in the lab, a scientist was trying to take his hydrogen crystallization project home for the holidays and was stopped by Joe

It turns out this crystal turned into a kind of hydrogen bomb because of the gun that Taggart made which was used to create a perfect fruit cake by Vincent caused the entire town to shrink.

In the end they use both guns to shrink the now huge crystal to a size they can carry and explode it above the town using Taggart's sled.

The scientist is hinted to being Santa himself bringing a different kind of Santa to the TV screen.


wrote at
9:31 PM
Dec 8, 2010